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The University of Houston - Downtown WRC (Writing & Reading Center)

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If the WRC's Downtown location is full, check out our Northwest Campus for availability!  We can meet you online or in person!

The Northwest Campus is open from 3:30-8:00 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays.  Check it out!

                    WRC Policies

We help you learn to edit your own writing.

We will not edit work for you, but will gladly work with you to improve your skills.

Tutors cannot speculate about your grade.

We can, however, share our thoughts about your writing’s needs and strengths.

Assistance with take-home tests or final exams requires instructor permission.

Check with us to see if your instructor has written us to grant this permission.

Your WRC records are private.

If your instructor requires proof that you participated in tutoring, you may share your copy of the Conference Note summarizing your session.

Please arrive on time, and cancel if needed.

If you are more than 5 minutes late or miss 3 or more appointments in one semester, you will be limited to walk-in tutoring only until semester’s end.

Tutors cannot assist current classmates.

Writers are welcome to choose any other tutor on our staff.

Only staff who have completed ENG 3318 may tutor ENG 3318 students.

If seeking help for this course, please consult WRC staff for assistance.

Writers may work on one task per writing consultation.

For assistance with two writing tasks, please make two 30-minute appointments.  For assistance with more than two writing tasks, please use our walk-in service.

The WRC strongly recommends using either the Chrome or Safari web browsers to view this site, and for participating in online writing conferences.